Braziers International Artists Workshop

Oxfordshire (UK)

August 2006




This workshop takes place in a community located in a land between London and Oxford. Every year a group of international artists meet for three weeks in an ambience of intense work and a cordial social environment. In the old building of a former theatre hall, my project took the form of a visual narrative that unfolded along 25 meters over three different walls. It was a freehand drawn version of an already existing video animation (A Story of Play-Back) directly made on the walls of the space. Whereas in the video version the pictures “move” before spectator’s eyes, I wanted to create a different, reversed process of perception and reception for this work (inspired by the Bayeux tapestry, which I had visited in Normandy one year before). Therefore, public had to move their bodies in the space (walking 25 meters and keeping their heads up) in order to read the story. 3dimensionality was essential for images to become space and to articulate the installation as such.

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