The Peekskill Project

Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. Peekskill (New York)

16th September / 7th October 2006




The Peekskill Project is a yearly event linked to HVCCA, focused on ephemeral interventions in public space. Two of my works were presented: Meccano and QUIZ. Meccano 2006 was shown in its final configuration. The form that this piece took that year was that of a wheel, which had been previously built in a number of different locations (Berlin, Madrid, Valencia, UK). Each time a new ring was added to the wheel, so that when finally shown in the Peekskill Project it had reached a considerable size. To complete the installation (which was displayed in the staircase of a factory opposite the HVCCA), there was a monitor showing transformations of Meccano in previous years and a candy dispenser generously lent by the workers of the factory.

QUIZ was organized in its third and final edition. The two first ones took place in TENT., in the context of the project Second Circle_CuldeSac. A special stage was built by the waterfront and people who approached was invited to play the game. Somebody read some passages from a book in a certain language and public had to guess whether the language he was reading in (Esperanto) or the title of the book (The invention of Morel). The difference this time is that public listened to the presenter explaining the rules and the person reading the passages from the recording of the first QUIZ, which was projected on the stage. This gave way to an interesting dynamic of anticipations and repetitions. Public were aware that they had to give the answers before it happened in the video. Some situations that had been seen in the video (like the little prize ceremony) occurred-recurred minutes later in actuality, stressing the feeling of participating in a game-within-a-game.

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