Pertaining to a Profession Proverbially Energetic and Nervous

Group show in ISCP, curated by Sarah Demeuse.

30th March  – 16th April 2011

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm

Panel discussion: Tuesday, April 19 at 6.30pm. Sarah Demeuse and David Levine in conversation moderated by Kari Conte

As second installment in a year-long thematic exhibition cycle related to work, Pertaining to a Profession Proverbially Energetic and Nervous takes at face value the fact that the international roving artist-cum-MacBookPro has taken the place of the blue-collar Brooklyn printmaker and therefore turns the tables highlighting the expectations of those who visit this contemporary workspace. It subtly undermines three tropes associated with an artist’s work: the mysterious invisibility of artistic labor as example of post-industrial immateriality; art as resistance to commonplace productivity; and, possibly closer to home, the performative formulas and taboos associated with successful artistic professionalism.

Étienne Chambaud, Irene Kopelman, David Levine, David Maroto, Mladen Stilinović, Magnus Thierfelder and Carey Young

Reviewed CV was my contribution to the show. In addition to the piece, I invited New York-based artist Trong G. Nguyen to carry out a performative version of it. He wrote his own Reviewed CV, listing a selection of his failures, rejections and frustrated desires, and he read it in public in a sort of stand-up comedian fashion.

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