MFA Program in Dutch Art Institute (2011-2013)


The Dutch Art Institute (DAI) targets energetic and inquisitive artists with a critical attitude towards traditional art centres and their hierarchies, by providing them with an international platform for exchange and dialogue with peers as well as with established visual artists, theoreticians and practitioners from other disciplines. By means of its fluid curriculum that integrates theoretical reflection, curatorial knowledge production, collaborative ‘hands-on’ projects as well as independent research, the DAI empowers their critical relations with the art world. The DAI wants to play an active and engaged role in the (art)world and maintains amicable working relationships with various institutions, initiatives, organizations and other ‘bodies’, all pioneering at the forefront of the arts and / or education. The DAI is one of the accredited Master programs of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education and listed in the Central Register of Higher Education Programs (CROHO). After two years of study it is possible to obtain a recognized degree (MFA).