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Solo exhibition in Freud’s Dreams Museum
Saint Petersburg. Bolshoy pr. Petrogradskaya storona, 18A

11th October – 7th November 2009



The exhibition displays a number of printed works, which are digital collages consisting of an accumulation of superimposed layers that form a complex tangle of images, texts and meanings –like a hyper-palimpsest. This term was coined by Russian linguist Andrey Zaliznyak to refer to the Novgorod Codex, an 11th century old book unearthed on July 13, 2000 in Novgorod (not far from St Petersburg) in which hundreds of texts have left their traces on an almost inextricable tangle. The contents of the digital collages are deeply rooted in psychoanalytical concepts. Psychoanalysis is used here as a tool to reflect on the nature of subjectivity, which ultimately leads to the disclosure of any boundary between the subject and the Other as a primary illusion. This is why all the characters that appear in my works are invaded by their surroundings in both a physical and psychical way, as if the world passing through them would fulfill their fundamental lack. For this exhibition all my printed works have been gathered and showed together for the first time.






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Transfer Lounge

Group show curated by Ima Picó and Carolina Loyola García. It takes place in two locations. I participate with Patchwork Man in its two versions:

Forja Arte (Valencia)

17th September – 23rd October. C/ Lebón 19, Valencia, 46023

Patchwork Man as a sound piece (ES)


SPACE (Pittsburgh) 2nd October – 17th November. 812 Liberty Avenue. Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Patchwork Man as a video installation (EN)

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Article appeared in Tribune, Pittsburgh

Article appeared in Pittsburgh City Paper


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Walls and Gateways

Group exhibition in Existentie, Ghent (Belgium)

June 2008

Other participanting artists: Brody Condon, Liam O’ Callaghan, Davide Bertocchi, Julia Oschatz, Vargas Suarez-Universal, Lode Geens, Filip Berte, Nathaniel Rackowe and Mihail Milunovic.

Curated by Lara Pan

I participate with the video installation A Dream_Teeth and the narrative installation Mimicry, in a new version: printed in posters, which are displayed in four stacks and available for public to take home.

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