Corrillos is an initiative of David Maroto and Marjolijn Dijkman, supported by TENT. It is a series of presentations by and for Rotterdam-based artists, designers, architects, curators and theoreticians. The Corrillos meetings started in September 2008, and take place more or less monthly.

The Rotterdam art world is becoming – this is a general development – increasingly international. Foreign artists are settling here, and many of Rotterdam’s artists are successful beyond the country’s borders, whereby they often spend time abroad for extended periods. The informal conversations are in decline and the physical distance between each other and the city is increasing.

This led to the idea for Corrillos, the Spanish word for informal meetings. Once a month, Rotterdam-based artists, designers, architects and theoreticians are given the opportunity to examine each others current work, new book or topical project in greater depth. They present their work in a relaxed ambience and prone to audience’s participation. The presentations cast some new light about their practices. Dialogue and interaction between the presenters and public is continuous and fluent. In addition, an also Rotterdam-based artist will be invited to cook for the audience.

The system followed by Corrillos is inviting a different host each session. This host in turn invites two guests to present their work in front of an audience. The format of every evening is decided by the host, which goes from directing and moderating the discussion to arranging the spatial display of the room.

The first Corrillos session took place on 16th September 2008. Hosted by David Maroto and Marjolijn Dijkman. Guests: Artist Lara Almarcegui and architect Jan Jongert (2012 Architecten). Cook artist: Taji offered one of his sushi installations as dinner. For further information and pictures, click here.

The second Corrillos took place on 28th October 2008. Hosted by artist Melle Smets. Guests: Architect and designer Jan Konings and dancer and choreographer Liesbeth Koot. Cook artist: Lof der Zoetheid. For further information and pictures about this evening, click here.

The third Corrillos took place on 16th December 2008. Hosted by Christien Meindertsma. Guests: Artist Florentijn Hofman and photographer Reineke Otten. Dinner courtesy of Rode Kapje. For further information and pictures, click here.

The fourth Corrillos took place on 17th February 2009 and was hosted by artist Katarina Zdjelar. Guests: Anke Bangma (curator/theoretician) and Özlem Altin (visual artist). You can find pictures and further information by cliking here.

The fifth Corrillos took place on 21st April 2009. Hosted by NAI curator Huib Haye van der Werf. He invited two guests: Artist/planner Hans Venhuizen and curator/designer Ester van de Wiel.  Dinner was served again by courtesy of Rode Kaapje. Pictures and further information to be found by clicking here.

The sixth Corrillos took place on 16th June 2009 and were hosted by artist Jonas Staal under the title Post-propaganda. Guests were cultural activists Gideon Boie and Matthias Pauwels (BAVO) and artists Iratxe Jaio and Klaas Gorkum. Further information here.



Corrillos are by invitation only: a limited number of interested guests are invited per meeting.


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