Second Session

Corrillos is an initiative of David Maroto and Marjolijn Dijkman, supported by TENT. It is a series of presentations by and for Rotterdam-based artists, designers, architects, curators and theoreticians. The Corrillos meetings started in September 2008, and take place more or less monthly.

The second Corrillos session took place on 28th October. Artist Melle Smets hosted the evening and invited choreographer Liesbeth Koot and architect/designer Jan Konings.Dinner was courtesy of Lof der Zoetheid.

Whereas in the first session the organizers (Marjolijn and David) directly invited the artists to present their work, from now on the project will follow a different system. The organizers invite a host each session, who will in turn invite two artists to introduce their work. The format thus will change according to each host’s criteria. This system also allows to draw a multifaceted and wide panorama of the Rotterdam art scene, not restricted to a certain single vision.

Liesbeth Koot is a choreographer who explores the boundaries of human movement. Koot’s projects mostly originate from experiments in human movement related to the visual arts and film. She is interested in how humans are perceived. The dancer is not only a dancer but also transforms in a digital image or spatial sound.

Designer Jan Konings’ work touches on many different areas, including town planning, landscaping, art, ecology and design. Jan Konings has devised many concepts, including Hotel Transvaal. Houses due for demolition and unsold new houses in The Hague’s urban regeneration quarter, Transvaal, were converted into rooms with a one to five star rating. He is currently designing a self-cleaning park on the site of a former rubbish dump.

Corrillos are by invitation only: a limited number of interested guests are invited per meeting.


Melle Smets:

Jan Konings:

Lof der Zoetheid:


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