First Circle

First Circle is formed by printed sequences of images, sound pieces, video animations, cut-outs… which display sound and visual narratives that are directly or indirectly related to a central project in the form of a novel, titled Illusion. This novel contains some of the existing narratives of First Circle, integrated as part of its story. Conversely, Illusion’s further developments are giving way to new projects within the context of First Circle.

First Circle’s narratives are many times based on quotations and appropriations from other sources. What seems to be a coherent narrative turns out to be constructed by fragments of texts, images and sounds coming from elsewhere. The resulting pieces never take a definitive form and they are adapted depending on the context where they are shown. The characters that populate my stories are the result of an ever-changing amalgamation of borrowed ideas, feelings and memories and vicarious experiences. In my work I employ psychoanalysis as a tool to reflect on the nature of subjectivity. This reflection ultimately leads to the disclosure of any boundary between the subject and the Other as a fundamental illusion. This is why all the characters that appear in my works are invaded by their surroundings in both a physical and psychical way, as if the world passing through them would fulfill their primary lack. First Circle’s aim is to radically call into question the idea of a mastering, self-sufficient subject and to increase spectator’s awareness about his/her own condition. Or, in other words, to bring to light that which remains invisible because is such a fundamental part of ourselves that is too close to be seen under normal conditions.


Narrative Sequences

Printed works

Sound pieces


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