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These short stories explore the processes of subject’s formation through narratives rooted on psychoanalytical contents. They are adapted in different versions depending on the context where they are shown: video installations, TV broadcast, printed sequences of images (with accompanying sound track), and so on.


A Dream_Teeth

3′ 56”, colour, sound (2008)


“Over the man who sits in the ultra-barber-like chair of the dentist, all the lights of a big city swing and he is like victim of a nervous breakdown in a New York street at rush hour and at when electric flow peaks”. Ramón Gómez de la Serna.

This visual narrative exists also as a publication in the form of a leporello.


Patchwork Man

5′ 04”, colour, sound (2008)

Inspired by Borge’s short story Funes the Memorious, this video shows a man who, after an accident, is able to remember every moment of his life. The consequences are, however, other than in Borge’s tale. Patchwork Man tells us how he found out that his life was a permanent borrowing of ideas, feelings and desires –while his voice and face features are subjected to a flow of constant change.



2′ 45”, colour, sound (2007)



In PUZZLE there are three different stories in three layers that overlap in the same work: the sound belongs to a girl who reads a passage by Proust; the visuals show that girl reading on a sofa and, in the same room, the struggle of a man trying to finish a puzzle for which he cannot find the last piece. Once he does, the piece does not fit into the empty space. Finally, a band with a scrawling text by Lacan on the lower part of the screen completes the third layer of this work. The three layers (sound, visuals and text) are interrelated, but they are impossible to be perceived at the same time. The spectator is compelled to choose on which part of the work is going to focus her attention. The perception of PUZZLE is then also fragmentary, and to have an idea of the whole one should watch it two or three times (but the whole remains still an idea, as it is not possible to grasp everything at once).

Three Short Stories

5′ 05”, colour, sound (2006)




Three Short Stories contains three visual narrations based on real facts: A Memory, A Déjà Vu; An Echo. This last story has been adapted as narrative installation in Kunstlerhaus Glogauer (Berlin) and as a poster in the installation PUZZLE (group show Round trip ticket, Valencia, 2007). An Echo is also quoted by the characters of PUZZLE (see above). Whereas the later comes from a passage by Proust, the former is a personal memory –but ultimately both pieces reflect a situation through which any of us has been in any moment of our lives: when we hear from a friend an idea that we already said some time before and which was refuted by that very same friend back then. And now he is trying to convince us about his new ideas without remembering that we are the source where they come from.


Broken Mirror

2′ 40”, B/W, silent (2005)


Broken Mirror is made also out of found fragments of images. However, the application of some filters confers on it a same visual identity in such way that an uninformed spectator would hardly realize of the heterogeneous origins of the materials with which it has been created. This video animation has been adapted as a narrative installation in Pool. Ruimte voor architectuur en stedebouw (Amsterdam, 2007).

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