Second Circle

Second Circle is formed by installations, sculptures, videos, drawings… which are entirely devoted to explore game’s particular implications when applied as a creative method. They are all directly or indirectly related to a central project in the form of a board game, called Disillusion. Throughout its development, Disillusion gave way to Second Circle’s works and installations. For example, the installation Adieu, on artists who abandoned their art practice, draws on Disillusion’s fundamental concept of abandonment. Disillusion’s project will be finished with its publication and distribution throughout regular game stores.

I feel especially interested in the notion of game as an activity that requires a certain kind of participation. When one plays a game, her subjectivity is not relevant any more and she rather becomes one element of the game that is being played. This is a particular way of getting beyond one’s own subjectivity (since one does not exactly decides by oneself, but according to a system of rules where she is involved) and of thinking in another way than usually. Game is a medium to generate meaning through experience. It is true that this kind of experience is artificially created and, when one sees a game from outside, can be easily considered as banal. But (and this is very important) in order to be able to understand a game, first of all – one must play it. Of course playing is a source of pleasure (probably because of the feeling of here and now that overcomes us while playing) but, from my point of view, it is also a tool for knowledge. Second Circle was shown in the contemporary art centers TENT. (Rotterdam) and W139 (Amsterdam) in a one-year-long project that took place in 2005-06. Below, you can follow the links to different works within Second Circle.



Other Second Circle works


W139 - Amsterdam, Report of an Ongoing Journey. From November 30, 2002 till April 30, 2006. A continuous transformation process that is amply documented in this book. Introduction by Ann Demeester. ISBN 90 77459 11 1

Pages dedicated to David Maroto's proposal Adieu, in the publication W139 - Amsterdam, Report of an Ongoing Journey. Introduction by Ann Demeester. ISBN 90 77459 11 1. Roma Publications

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