Adieu (W139)

W139. Exhibition and production space for contemporary art. Amsterdam

24th June /21st August 2005

Adieu was exhibited in W139 short after being shown in TENT. Adieu is the second proposal belonging to Second Circle. Four areas where built to display the works about four artists who had decided to abandon their art practices:Arthur Rimbaud, Jean-Jacques Lebel, and Seth Siegelaub all shared a commonality in their reasons for abandoning. For them art was a medium to achieve certain aims, not a goal in itself. Therefore, once it had proven not to lead to the desired results, they stopped their art careers, but continued their activities in other fields. To the eyes of general public, however, their decision seemed to be a refusal. What Adieu stressed, thus, was the fact that the end of something only means the beginning of something else. The case of the fourth personage represented in the exhibition (by a number of self-portraits) is different, because David Maroto has not stopped his art practice yet. However, this circumstance is contemplated as a necessary step at a future point, according to his own statement, which you can read in the short text Four Circles.





In addition, a special room was constructed especially to play Disillusion. Visitors who played in the exhibition space, were also executing a sort of performance for the other public who came to see the exhibition. As it happened in TENT., during the opening of the show, Meri Nikula performed a vocal performance inspired in the ideas of Adieu.











Steps in Motion (2005) 1′ 32” sound, color


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