TENT. Centre for visual arts. Rotterdam

27th February / 19th March 2006

CuldeSac was the last of the four proposals to be shown in TENT. within the framework of Second Circle project. The selection of pieces for this show included mirrors where you could not see yourself (S.O.S. and L.O.O.K.); games that you could not play (…); a game that you could play but lead to the impossibility to play it (Disillusion); a drawing that you could not see (Silence); a text that you cannot read in a work that cannot be finished (Starting date…); and a video that you probably could not watch (Message in a Bottle).





Message in a Bottle is about a single picture that lasts 1 frame (1:24 second), the minimum duration in video, within a DVD that lasts 240 minutes. Nobody knows when it comes. Therefore, most of the projection is empty and it is a matter of chance to see the picture. The DVD is looped and always running, so that it is possible to meet the “message in a bottle” once every four hours.











Duration: 16′ -of this online version: 3′ 45”

QUIZ is an event that took place during the Rotterdamse Museumnight (March 2006), in the context of my exhibition CuldeSac, in TENT. centre for contemporary art. It is an open, participative project in the form of a public game that deals with the impossibility of communication. Yet, something happens during the game, which opens new possibilities for inter-subjective exchanges.

A stage was built following the premises of a TV show. A presenter lead the event and explained the rules of the game to the public: Somebody would read fragments of a book in a certain language and public were invited to guess whether the language it was read in (Esperanto) or the title of the book (The invention of Morel, by Argentinian writer Bioy Casares). There were prizes for those who guessed the correct answers.

This event was possible thanks to the generous collaboration of Universala Esperanto-Asocio. QUIZ’s video was presented afterwards in the UEA worldwide headquarters in Rotterdam, during the international Esperanto’s day. QUIZ was repeated months later in the Peekskill Project (New York).


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