QUIZ is an event that took place during the Rotterdamse Museumnight (March 2006), in the context of my exhibition CuldeSac, in TENT. centre for contemporary art. It is an open, participative project in the form of a public game that deals with the impossibility of communication. Yet, something happens during the game, which opens new possibilities for inter-subjective exchanges.

A stage was built following the premises of a TV show. A presenter (Roeland Otten) lead the event and explained the rules of the game to the public. Somebody was going to read fragments of a book in a certain language and public was invited to guess whether the language it was read in (Esperanto) or the title of the book (The invention of Morel, by Argentinian writer Bioy Casares). There were prizes for those who guessed the correct answers. Public’s involvement and active participation was total.

This event was possible thanks to the disinterested collaboration of Universala Esperanto-Asocio. One of his members, Francisco Veuthey, translated and read the book passages from Spanish to Esperanto. QUIZ’s video was presented afterwards in the UEA worldwide headquarters in Rotterdam, during the international Esperanto’s day. QUIZ was repeated months later in the Peekskill Project (New York). What you can see here is a short version (3′ 45”) of the original video, which has a total duration of 16 minutes.

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