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Artist talk at Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam

David Maroto in conversation with curator Fleur van Muiswinkel

10th November at 19.00

Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam

Nieuwe Binnenweg 75
3014 GE Rotterdam
tel 010 436 0288

From 1st January to 30th June 2011 visual artist David Maroto (born in Spain, lives in Rotterdam) spent a residency period in International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP), in New York City. This residency was co-sponsored by Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, together with [De ïs Ka], Amsterdam. Upon his return, David presented his experiences and the result of his work during the six-month residence, in a public conversation with curator Fleur van Muiswinkel, who visited ISCP during its Open Studio Days and wrote an article that was published in the art magazine Metropolis M.

Fleur van Muiswinkel (1981) is a Dutch curator who lives and works in Amsterdam. During her study Art History in Amsterdam, she worked at W139. Afterwards, she worked several years at Office for Contemporary Art Norway as the studio co-ordinator. In London, where she participated in the Goldsmiths Curating Course, she organized several exhibitions and events: film screenings at South London Gallery and n.o.where, co-curated a performance weekend “Live at 176” at 176 / Zabludowicz Collection, curated the photography exhibition “Untitled” at The Pigeon Wing. In Amsterdam, she organised the group exhibition “Travelling into the Unknown”. Recently, she opened “Help Young Worlds”, a solo-show by the Dutch sculptor Ad de Jong at 1857 in Oslo. Currently she is working on different projects for SMBA and SKOR. Future projects include curating the Kunstvlaai in Fall 2012 together with Natasha Ginwala.


Narrative Objects: A panel discussion on the artist’s novel, presented June 14

601 W. 26th Street, Suite 1755

New York, NY 10001



When you open a novel –and I mean of course the real thing- you enter into a state of intimacy with its writer… Such a writer has power over distraction and fragmentation, and out of distressing unrest, even from the edge of chaos, he can bring unity and carry us into a state of intransitive attention.

Saul Bellow, The Distracted Public, 1994


601Artspace presents Narrative Objects: A discussion about the artist’s novel, audience, and protracted engagements.  In its most common form, the novel involves a coherent sequence that unfolds around an interrelated set of characters. Taking his novel Illusion as a starting point, artist David Maroto proposes a dual purpose for the artist’s novel: For the artist, the novel serves as a conceptual proposition, linking narratives within other art projects and generating new ideas, but as an artwork in and of itself, the artist’s novel acts as a more humble contribution to the sweeping history of literary prose. Joined by Christopher Ho (artist, curator and author) and Alexander Campos (Center for Book Arts), the panel will discuss how the artist’s novel measures up against other novels and whether increasing interest in the novel among visual artists is intended to counteract tendencies of perpetual distraction. The panel will be moderated by Erin Sickler (601Artspace). Related books and other materials from the participants will be available at the event.

Alexander Campos has over 20 years experience in Arts Management, with positions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, and the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning. Since 2004 he has serve as executive director of the Center for Book Arts, during which time he has organized numerous major exhibitions and overseen the expansion of the Center’s Visual Arts Program.

Christopher K. Ho’s conceptual work examines the possibilities and parameters of advanced art today.  For his 2010 solo exhibition at Winkleman Gallery, Regional Painting, Ho created a series of paintings and an eponymous memoir under the guise of a fictional alter ego, painter Hirsch E.P. Rothko, all while living for a year in a license plate covered shed in the southwest mountains of Colorado.

David Maroto is a Spanish artist based in The Netherlands whose work has been shown internationally. His wide-ranging practice has led him to exhibit his work on psychoanalysis at the Freud Dreams Museum in St Petersburg, whereas his 8-year project to create a board game lead tot he inclusion of his project Disillusion at the Internationale Spieltage in 2006 (Essen, Germany) and other game fairs worldwide.  Illusion represents Maroto’s newest interdisciplinary work.

Erin Sickler is Director of Curatorial Programs at 601Artspace.

We greatly acknowledge the Consulate General of Spain for their support of this event.



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Book launch (leporellos) at PrintRoom

Saturday December 18th 2010, 16.00 – 18.00

PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

Please join us for an informal afternoon with book launches by David Maroto, who will present two new leporellos: Seven Masks and A Dream_Teeth, followed by the presentation of The Book of Paper by Antje Peters and Oliver Helfrich. PrintRoom will serve glühwein and cakes and the shop will be open until six.

David Maroto’s leporellos are books that contain narrative sequences of images that unfold over several meters. They come accompanied by a sound track in an mp3 player with headphones. Unlike video and film, where pictures “move” while the spectator’s body remains still, in David’s narrative installations and leporellos the pictures are printed and still, while the spectator is compelled to move his body in the space in order to introduce time within the visual material and, in so doing, activate its narrative elements. Also, unlike video and film, the soundtrack is not synchronized beforehand; it is up to the spectator to relate sound and images. This narrative system, according to the author, gives more room to spectator’s interpretation.

PrintRoom is a platform dedicated to artists’ publications, the small press and self-publishing projects by artists and designers, based in Rotterdam.

Thursday – Saturday 13.00 – 17.00
and by appointment: 06-1801247


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Corrillos (sixth session)

Corrillos is an initiative of David Maroto and Marjolijn Dijkman, supported by TENT. It is a series of presentations by and for Rotterdam-based artists, designers, architects, curators and theoreticians. The Corrillos meetings started in September 2008, and take place more or less monthly.


The sixth Corrillos took place on 16th June 2009. Hosted by artist Jonas Staal. He invited two couples of guests to choose and present a single recent project to public, to open up a subsequent discussion: cultural activists Gideon Boie and Matthias Pauwels (BAVO) and artists Iratxe Jaio & Klaas van Gorkum.  Dinner was served again by courtesy of Rode Kaapje.

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Artist in residence in AIR Antwerpen

Artist Talk


AIR Antwerpen is proud to introduce you to David Maroto. This Spanish artist has been living in Rotterdam for the last years. The works of Maroto are a reflection on identity or precisely the absence of identity. They are mostly collages of photographic material that are placed in a narrative structure, either in sequences of images or video installations.

We kindly invite you to a drink with the artist on Friday 17th April at 20.00 in AIR Antwerpen. The artist will show and tlak about his art practice and recent projects.

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