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Group exhibition in Extra City (Antwerp, Belgium)

18 November 2011 – 8 January 2012

Opening 17th November, at 19.00 

Curated by Pieter Vermeulen, as part of the ICI’s Curatorial Intensive program. Elena Bajo, Lode Geens, Filip Gilissen, David Maroto, Warren Neidich, Jürgen Ots, Ariel Schlesinger, Naama Tsabar.

Extra City – Kunsthal Antwerpen 

Tulpstraat 79, BE-2060 Antwerp

Tel/fax +32 (0)3 677 1655


Uncommonplaces web blog

Uncommonplaces is a group exhibition that opens up a dialectical space between the artistic and the everyday, originality and banality, the object and the abject. The commonplace refers to a dimension of our reality that we take for granted, overlook or neglect. By adding the prefix un-, the question arises whether we can imagine a different, experimental version of the everyday. I am participating with Adieu, Jean-Arthur, which marked the beginning of my Four Circles project and, therefore the beginning of my art practice, in 1998. This piece is dedicated to French poet Arthur Rimbaud’s decision to abandon art practice.

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Deiska ~the Complete Collection

Rozengracht 114, Amsterdam

28th May to 27th June 2010

The complete collection of [De is Ka] is shown to public for the first time in a temporary exhibition organized in conjunction with Art Amsterdam. I participate with the installation 6+6 and 12 Tales Machine.

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