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Illusion Reading Room

Project for 11th Havana Biennial, within the project Open Score

La Habana, Cuba 

From May 11 to June 11, 2012

Centro Hispanoamericano de la Cultura. Malecón 17 e/ Prado y Cárcel


Illusion Reading Room is a participative installation: there is a pile of 500 copies of my novel Illusion and two armchairs. In one of them, a permanent reader is reading out loud from the novel. Public are welcome to take one copy of the novel with them for free. It is only asked to do one thing in exchange: to sit down in the vacant armchair and take it over from the reader, by reading out loud a few pages for the rest of the audience. In this way, public become part of the installation as temporary performers, and the novel is read continuously without interruption throughout the whole duration of the Biennial.  

Video summary Illusion Reading Room. 5′ 55”, English subtitles.

Illusion Reading Room es una instalación participativa. En el espacio se encuentran dos sillones, uno de ellos vacante. En el otro hay una persona leyendo la novela Illusion en voz alta. Entre los dos sillones hay una pila formada por 500 ejemplares de Illusion. Se invita al espectador a tomar de la pila un ejemplar de la novela, gratis, siempre y cuando se siente en el sillón vacante y lea en voz alta unas cuantas páginas. Durante lo cual el lector permanente para de leer y guarda silencio. De este modo, el espectador se convierte en agente activo y performativo, leyendo pasajes para los otros espectadores que en ese momento se encuentren en el espacio de la instalación. Asimismo, la novela es leída sin interrupción durante la duración de la Bienal.

Vídeo resumen Illusion Reading Room. 5′ 55”, subtítulos en castellano.

” For over 405 years, from July 25th, 1518 until March 3rd, 1924, the Holy Qur’an was perpetually recited, day and night, in the Department of Mohammed’s Cloak in the Topkapi Palace, in Istanbul.” 

Thanks to the generous support of Mondriaan Fund

Thanks also to the work of the permanent readers, actresses from the theater company El Ciervo Encantado: Nelda Castillo, Mariela and Inés

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Pertaining to a Profession Proverbially Energetic and Nervous

Group show in ISCP, curated by Sarah Demeuse.

30th March  – 16th April 2011

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm

Panel discussion: Tuesday, April 19 at 6.30pm. Sarah Demeuse and David Levine in conversation moderated by Kari Conte

As second installment in a year-long thematic exhibition cycle related to work, Pertaining to a Profession Proverbially Energetic and Nervous takes at face value the fact that the international roving artist-cum-MacBookPro has taken the place of the blue-collar Brooklyn printmaker and therefore turns the tables highlighting the expectations of those who visit this contemporary workspace. It subtly undermines three tropes associated with an artist’s work: the mysterious invisibility of artistic labor as example of post-industrial immateriality; art as resistance to commonplace productivity; and, possibly closer to home, the performative formulas and taboos associated with successful artistic professionalism.

Étienne Chambaud, Irene Kopelman, David Levine, David Maroto, Mladen Stilinović, Magnus Thierfelder and Carey Young

Reviewed CV was my contribution to the show. In addition to the piece, I invited New York-based artist Trong G. Nguyen to carry out a performative version of it. He wrote his own Reviewed CV, listing a selection of his failures, rejections and frustrated desires, and he read it in public in a sort of stand-up comedian fashion.

More information on this exhibition

Dowload brochure of this exhibition

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Love Letters to a Surrogate

Torrance Art Museum

10th July, from 12 noon to 6 pm.

Organized by Warren Neidich. Artists living in the Los Angeles area ask artists they know living internationally to write a script, as a set of instructions, for them to perform as their surrogate. As such the artist in LA reenacts or acts as a surrogate to produce a performance that the asked artist could have performed himself or herself had they been in LA. I participated with “Reviewed CV“, a performance carried out by artist Tif Sigfrids.


Torrance Art Museum

Tif Sigfrids

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GAGARIN The Artists in their Own Words

Group exhibition in S.M.A.K. Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent (Belgium)

4th December 2009 – 14th March 2010

S.M.A.K. is showing a unique & comprehensive exhibition with works of the participating artists of GAGARIN, confronting their textual contributions from the complete GAGARIN oeuvre with works from the museum and special loans. The exhibition includes work by Marc Manders, Allora & Calzadilla, Edith Dekyndt, Lois Weinberger, Philippe Van Snick, Juan Muñoz, Gabriel Kuri, Jimmie Durham, Kirsten Pieroth, Maria Serebriakova, Richard Serra, Willem Oorebeek, Manfredu Schu, Joe Scanlan, Ria Pacquée and others. I participate with Disillusion, which will be in play (during the opening evening only) and display (throughout the show).

On 13th March it will be possible to play Disillusion again, during the event “S.M.A.K. going GAGA”

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Never Late Than Better

April 11 – May 16, 2009

at EFA Project Space, New York

Opening Reception, Thursday, April 9, 6-8 p.m.

Curated by Trong Gia Nguyen

Artists: Julieta Aranda, Peter Belyi, Hannes Bend, Christopher Chiappa, Eric Doeringer, Josephine Wister Fauire, Marc Ganzglass, Evan Gruzis, Christopher Ho, Marci MacGuffie, David Maroto, Laura Nova, Yuki Onodera, Rebeca Reeve, Egill Saebjornsson, Luke Stettner, Halldor Arnar Ulfarsson, Arnold von Wedemeyer, Mike Womack

“People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” (Albert Einstein)


For Never Late Than Better I displayed Disillusion in a new arrangement that allowed visitors to play the game in the exhibition space itself.

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Tina B art festival, Prague

Disillusion Tournament

took place on 11th October 2008 from 15.30 to 22.30 pm in KLUB LÁVKA (Novotného lávka 1, Prague 1).This event was hosted by Tina B. festival and curated by Blanca de la Torre.

Eight players started the first round: Stefano Cagol vs. Daniel González; Avelino Sala vs. Blanca de la Torre; Pablo San José vs. Cynthia Viera; Mariela Rossi vs. Adam Vackár.

Four players got through to the semi-finals: Daniel vs. Blanca; Pablo vs. Mariela.

The best two players disputed the Great Final during the Pink Carpet Party: Daniel vs. Mariela. Daniel became eventually the champion and received his prize during a ceremony after seven hours of Tournament.

This event took place within Tina B. The Prague international art festival (25th September – 15th October)


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